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Coco’s Love Diary- The X-Man

August 5, 2016

I know I swore to not write another soppy blog about a boy until I eventually get to write my book but I felt it necessary to share this:


So Nqobile, Palesa, Kenny (this other fine brother with dreadlocks) decided that we are going to grab drinks after work somewhere. I was going through my phase after a break up where I party hard while looking great, just so I could redeem myself from having a  broken heart. As we always do, me and my crew got super turned up, dancing, going wild and stuff. I saw this guy with his group of friends just walking past, him and I had a moment where we just starred at each other, before it got awkward I looked away and so did he. Palesa and I have this thing that we usually get hit on by guys everytime we go out, she would  make funny faces while I am talking to somebody and I would get back at her by doing the same, it was the most hilarious thing ever. Okay yall, let me just confess (This would be my Disclaimer: I am not very good at hitting on guys, I sound ridiculous and super stupid when I do, I just prefer to be the pretty boy who sits in the corner and let a man do his thing). Buuuuuuuurrrrttttttt on that Friday night, I decided I was going to say “Hi” to this guy. He had the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, even though he wore glasses, which I think is so cute, that is the first thing I noticed when I looked at him.


Besides his eyes, he had this body, ohhhh Lawd that body!! *mini orgasm*, you know how like most Nigerian men look thick and toned but they never go to gym, his situation is the same and no he is not a naija, not that there would be anything wrong with that. He is just naturally thick man *as I drift in thought of that body*… Anyway, back to earth *speaks to self* so I did something that was completely out of my comfort zone. Well he helped me out cos he gave me a few signals with the look he was giving me, that it’s okay to come speak to me, it’s just that you know with us, the 1 who goes and approaches the other will have to maintain a series of events of always initiating everything first, I am so lazy for that, I was just not about that LARF!! Operative word was “WAS” , that day, all morals, standards went out the window, besides I was going through a “FCUK THAT” phase, anything goes…. NOT EVERYTHING FOLKS.


Anyway, so I approached him and said “Hi Howzit, I am Wendoll but everyone calls me Coco!” without stuttering, that totally shocked me, he than did the LL Cool J thang, licked his lips, looked up at  me and said “ Sho Mfethu, my name is X-man, Ugrand?” …. Tjerrr you know normally when you get guys who speak like that, I cringe for a bit because of how we perceive boys who talk like that to be “illiterate, uneducated, stupid”  for lack of a better word. Something that use to me annoy me about other people who spoke like that, this guy made it look so sexy. So he continues to say “ I have been looking at you the whole night, o muhle jo, I don’t have a fone with me will you take my number” The inner me at that time wanted to scream out saying “Yass Yass Yass” however I kept my composure like a good gal. I replied by saying I didn’t have my fone either than he asked me to wait for him a little bit, he was going to grab his friend’s phone to take down my number.


So he’s friend was one of those forward dudes, spoke a lot, you could see that Xman was a little bit embarrassed by his friend’s behaviour however I loved that he didn’t let him phase him. He took my number down than  later on that week we got texting starting to get to know each other. We had something in common *puts on that Alicia Keys Jam*. We both were fresh out of relationships, in fact he was still in 1, but I judged people who said their relationship status is “COMPLICATED” believe you me some of them mean it, some just bring their own complications into their own lives, I don’t believe he did. He told me that he doesn’t want to rush things, I was so offended because I wanted him jump right in. we just met in March, I had no idea that we would have a long, interesting 5 months ahead of us.


We got busy with this  chitty chatter-chatter thing, we than decided to meet up on a date when I was going to visit my friend Jefferson. He was wearing his pirate T-shirt with Black Levis Jeans which fit that ass just right. As much as at first he was shy, introvert, reserved type of guy, when he starts getting comfortable enough to open up and talk, he is actually funny. We hung out for a bit at JOburg Lane Downtown, Eloff Street in Joburg (By the way you guys must go check out that market it is sooo rockers) . We were chilling upstairs on the balcony,with Jefferson and his roommate, some other very cool Lesbian girls and at the end of that table was him, I and his friend. We started to get turnt until he asked me to show him where the bathroom is, we walked down, with me leading the way of course, He went into the loo (with no dodgy or kinky intent, Yes I see you judging me already) I went inside to take a leak, before I got out, I feel this strong hand going around my waist, these warm hands on my face, I turn around to look at him and WHOOOOOAAAAAWWWWWW … I don’t think I have ever been kissed before until that day.


Later on I had to leave to go chill with my pois since it was Sifiso’s birthday braai in Benoni, him and his friend took me halfway to the rank and off I was. So X-man is not much of a chatter, he will check up on me once in a while, then he would just disappear and my life would go on, I would meet other guys, go on dates however we had our thing every single time when we met up, it would be as if, we belong to each other and whoever else is around is irrelevant. So I kind of got use to him being my kissing buddy, I was down with that, I mean he’s hot, going through his own stuff but I did want more at some point…. UHM this would be every time after a kissing session at the back of the club. I didn’t want to scare him away by being over aggressive, however I dint want to stop my life too waiting for him to make me his official guy.


This past weekend came along, it was major insane, Jimzy and I planned a whole weekend of fun that just escalated to something beyond anything we could have ever planned. Since we were off the Friday/Saturday we decided to meet up with a few of my colleagues at this Joburg Festival, we met a few of our friends there, we decided to go to this party in Randburg, I was so drunk out of my skull by the time I got there,  we hung out there for a bit than later came back to town to party further. There was something about that weekend that made it super amazing, we bumped into all the gals Thato, Jefferson, Kutloano and Obie( The Former Hiltons)  all at different times but Jimz and I kept moving from place to place as we were all over. Before I drift further, back to me drunk the Friday night, heading to town with Jimz, Jeff, Lethabo and Charlie. We got to the club and there I saw Xman, in his blue Puma Hoodie, tight blue jeans and those cute eyes. He did that head thing of his which normarly signals (Follow me) but this time he did a lil different, after the signal (Yall know that head signal right?) , he grabbed my hand took me outside, looked at me and said “ Hola Poi” , I responded with this huge grin on my face that makes look so stupid, especially because I am so drunk and said “Sho Xman , howzit” , He did the LL Cool J thing with his lips again and responded “”Ngi grand”. I swear I have had multiple orgasms everytime I have spoken to this guy, he just makes me so weak in the knees, I can hardly breathe… That’s a line from a really old song by the way. We had another 1 of our famous kissing session (Boy It feels like I am back in high school when I say that), we both lost our fones buuurttt always could chat via facebook chat.


Today, I have no idea where we at, we both have our own lives going on, I don’t know what the future holds but after that weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, he is the guy I have been looking past whilst I have been focusing on my crushes. We all have our ideas about who we want but sometimes, we miss the 1 that is always giving you a hint via a look, silence, sometimes only actions. We just need to open your eyes, mind and heart because love is everywhere. I am blessed that now that I have dealt with my own feelings, I get to see it. Whether Xman becomes my official or not, this is 1 guy I am going to be super selfish about this because tada ta ta ta I am loving it.


Its Coco



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