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Coco’s Love Diary- My Love Note To Sphiwe

December 12, 2015

I am feeling particularly broody and warm and fuzzy inside, I am reminded of that day we first met, I saw that look on your face, that kazzillion dollar smile, something moved in my intestines, it wasn’t butterflies, it was not a crush, it completely changed the pulse and beating of my heart, gravity suddenly lost its hold it had on my feet. The eyes that looked into my soul, i felt naked all the time, i was beyond comfortable. The love even in its rollercoaster phase, where emotions has its biggest highs and when its low it goes really low, almost like someone who is diagnosed with clinical bipolar. The best time of my life began that day when i met you. Its like every other relationship i had was child’s play, nobody did it RIGHT 😂, there you were, nothing like anyone i have ever encountered, ever complex, the way you ooze confidence with your calm demeanor, when you laugh you sound like a small naughty kid, i Miss that laugh…. I just miss you ❤😍pp


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