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Coco’s love Diaries- Let me get mine, you get yours

September 27, 2013

The title of this note was actually inspired by one of my favorite tracks by Christina Aguilera. It speaks about having a physical thing going with somebody, no strings attached fling. I’ve been jamming to this song all wEek, the lyrics stuck in my head like glue and struck another thought.

How many of us have had the no strings attached fling before? And how does it guarantee that the one won’t fall for the other? If ever someone does, what will happen than?

Well, in my honest opinion, open communication has always been key in any relationship whether it be plutonic or not. It saves everyone from having any expectation of any kind. I think people bullshit each other TOO MUCH with what their real intentions are in the name of getting ass which is just purely childish in my opinion.

If its booty you want, be real with it and say it. Trust me, in the day and age we live in, you probably might not be the only 1 that’s just wants to get laid, its just few are brave enough to say it more than others. I’m writing this note especially to women as they are most likely to be the ones that fall for men that just want sex only.

In life there is always a time for everything, while you are not ready to be commited to anyone, there is nothing wrong with having a human blanket on speed dial especially this winter ***laughs out loud***.

Look if its good, and if its really what you want at that time, why not? Sex doesn’t have to mean anything more than just that until you actually want it to mean something . Just be aware of the kinda choice you making and take it for what it really is. You need to have the emotional intellegence to be able to seperate and see everything for what it is.

This is suppose to be one those fun experiences, with just 1 person that you can have a good sexual session with without having to worry if they’ll call back afterwards, or you even careless if they getting hit on by other people.

You both have to be adults about it, its an arrangement. Nothing else, nothing more,commitment free, just sex.

Let me get mine, You get yours

Its Coco

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