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Coco’s love diaries-“Just friends” The friendzone

September 27, 2013

Everybody in their lifetime has had a friend or someone that they wanted to be more than friends with. I have friendzoned a few guys in my life (with good reason of course) Karma was such a cow that she basically returned the favour on more than one occasion.

Is the friendzone really such a bad thing? We all heard the cliche’ that the “the best of lovers come from being good friends”. But, the question is how long do you have to wait before you can move things to the next level?

All relationships are complex, people get involved for many different reasons and they part ways mostly due to the fact that everything they thought they were going to get in those relationships is not what they signed up for initially.

The best relationship I had was with my friends as they have gotten to know me inside out. And with my bad and sometimes over bearing flaws, our friendship has goTten better and better throughout the years all because we understood that there was more to ourselves than just the individuals we potray in public.

So I have always said that I want a best friend that I could have the most amazing sex with. If I am going to grow old with somebody I must be able to talk to him cos than we both might as well be hermets at the age of 60 living in seperate homes if we can’t relate in any way.

So I don’t really fear being friendzoned at all. I’ve had a series of relationships where it was a race track, I move too fast and and its over after an hour. In my instance a month to 2months would be enough to just end it. Its almost like people are asking to be bullshitted instead of being told the truth.

There is beauty in being inlove with someone you can be yourself with for you will never be expected to change who you are. The game of love is actually simple as it needs only two different individuals that understand and respects the other for who they are but find common ground to make life easier for the other.

Telling someone how you feel especially when you are friends can never be anything easy. I believe that when it comes to love you just know when you have found the right guy/girl.

Good friends should be able to talk about anything. Even weird feelings that are sometimes unexplanable. No one wants to live a life of regret. If you inlove with a friend, let the nigga/niggress know.

Whether you going to stay in the friendzone or not shouldn’t matter. Eitherway you will always know where you stand. So why be scared?

Be a friend, love honesty. Stay Real
Its Coco


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