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Coco’s love diaries- Soulmates? *scratches his head*

September 18, 2012
Coco’s love diaries-  Soulmates? *scratches his head*
In 2004 my old time favourate movie premiered called “The Notebook”, I’ve always been a hopeless romantic but that movie just made my believe in soulmates
a whole lot more stronger. You may be thinking, its a movie, all love stories end like that, all happy ever after and all that jazz.
Noah and Allie’s story was not all that far fetched though, they were young and inlove and sometime when Noah went to war, Allie was made to believe that Noah stopped writing
and she just had to pick up the pieces of her life and move on. She found handsome guy whom she thought could give her the life she deserves and took that opportunity to allow someone else but her true love to make her happy.
Sounds familiar? Anyone that has ever been inlove and hurt trying to pick up pieces of their lives together may relate to Allie’s choice to move on. After all, How was she to know that Noah would ever come back?
Or if they were really meant to be together after all?
Some argue that there is no such thing as soulmates because if God really made 1 special man/woman specifically just for you, why is iyt that no1 end up with the one they really want?
Is God maybe that cruel that He thinks maybe you dont deserve  to be solely happy with just 1person alone? Is it really God’s fault that an individual does’nt see things the way you do?
Is it a case of the sins of the father? or is it just 1 deciding to blind themselves of what they really should be seeing.
A friend of mine asked a question that triggered this whole topic soulmates again in my head, she sat there looked at me and just asked ” Why is it that men realise when its too late? why
must something happen for them to realise what they had was the real deal and they’ll never get something more real than, that  out  of this world/universe connection?”. This question made me realise just
how complex and complicated life really is. I found it so sad that there are people out there, that know who their soulmates are but just know that they cannot be together.
Circumstances,  is really what I found commonly seperates to souls from being 1 unit and the choices that are made individually and not as a UNIT. So is it maybe that we allow these circumstances
to make us believe otherwise that, maybe we not meant to be together because we both won’t survive what life will throw at us.
The choice to not possibly trust whats meant to be, to what you think will be thee impossible. I think what people really run from is “the fear of anything being possible”.
I know that God doesnt makes mistakes and puts people in our lives to do any harm to us but to teach us something about ourselves. Yes, not everybody is going to agree with what I say but truth is, God’s timing is
always immaculate and perfect. The only thing is, we are not always ready for any plan he has for us. So when my friend asked this question :” Why is it that men realise when its too late? why

must something happen for them to realise what they had was the real deal and they’ll never get something more real than that out of this world/universe connection?”.  It made complete
sense to me why most people that are meant to be together, do not end up with each other.
Sometime or another, everybody gets that chance to be honest with themselves and its most evident even in old people when they talk about the olden days and the mistakes that they’ve made when they were younger.
At some point or another life always reveals to you what you have been trying to avoid, the truth always has a way of revealing itself someway or the other. It all boils down to how honest are you with yourself?
Is the safe choice always the BEST choice for you? Do you really have faith in what your heart tells you? Is taking a risk really worth it?
Like in the “The Notebook”, Noah and Allie were victims of circumstance, which are not always easy to overcome , they made a choice to take a leap of faith that just started with that connection. That gut feeling that opened
their eyes to a possibility of their future together, a future they believed that they were meant for. Anything else didnt matter for they had each other.
Its Coco

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