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Coco’s diary- Music:Where art though?

August 28, 2012


I have had a great passion for good music since i was lil kid from listening to the likes of the Temptations, O’Jays and all and all.
The 90s were my favourate as R&B music was at its peak and ruled music stations across the world, their music was so timeless
that when you bought a record, you knew that you would never have to get rid of it cos years later you could still listen to it and it would be like
you just bought the album yesterday. Are there still artists that actually make that kinda music?
From the time I was a teen I got exposed to different genre’s of music cos I was busy trying to discover who I really am and what am I here on earth for.
I have always wanted to be able to speak to the world through music as its best way I know how to express myself. And thats what I really see music as,
its a form of communication, a way of saying things without using “ordinary vocal dialog”.
I was speaking to a music producer and I complained about how people dont make good music anymore and he totally diagreed.
He said something that got me thinking and i quote ” There is no such thing cos as people, we wanna be spoon fed with everything, its like
when people go to church and expect the pastor to read a verse about something that they are going through and when he doesnt, he critised
for being a bad pastor cos he didnt read something that related to that particular person’s situation Cos if I was that person I would read the whole bible 1st and find a verse
thats speaks to me about my situation and go to church and listen to what the pastor’s preaching about and make refence with my own bible”.
He made a whole lot of sense, with that he made me listen to a artist called Odisee and I have never heard of this group before but their music is brilliant.
Their songs are so peotic and theor album was inspired by stories from different people they met on their tours.  He brought up a couple of other people like Janis Joplin (I
have never heard of her too) I googled the woman and I read about her and its so interesting how relevant she was. She had a beautiful voice too. So that got me thinking to back when Jimmy use to tell me
that he use to go into a music store and pic a random album from an unknown artist and just listen to it. He’s collection of music was always so interesting to me cos it always had “unknown” artist on his playlist.
So being a true artist is not always about being well known, Its really about what you good at and what you have to offer to the public.
So it got me thinking to what is it that we look for when we listen to music? Than I think about the time when I use to love listening  to Adele 21 and how I cant stand listening to her now.
I thought of Rihanna’s Rated R and Beyonce’s last 2 albums and how I use to idolise em and now I cant seem to connect with their music anymore. And I use to be a die hard fan of em  right.
Is it that I’ve grown up now? Or is it just that i can’t stand that every gayboy I know loves these hoochies and they’re not exclusive as they use to be anymore?
Maybe….. I think its a matter of relating to whats been played.
Yes that exactly it, really all about relating to teh music or the artist itself, We’re emotional beings and wee go through different struggles everyday. And this is exactly what made my love for music go stronger.
Music is what helped get through the most difficult of times, Its the reason why I passed my Matric exams just weeks after surviving something truamatic that happened to me.
Think about when you in a happy mood, your playlist would probably be made of house, techno, dance music basically. I remember when I was heartbroken, I use to
play “I cant make you love me-George Michael” over and over again. Now my playlist is more playful and happy cos of the headspace that I am in right now.
So this is what I think about when I wanna expose what I write to the world out there. I want what be  able to make music that somebody can connect with.
I want it to be relevant in a way that i’ll be able to speak for someone that cant express themselves as loudly and openly as I can. I am making a choice to just trust the public with it.
Music, I remember now where its always been. Its always been safe and sound in my heart.
Playing with sound and lyrics that I’ve selfishly kept it there just for me because I was too afraid to trust with someone else.
I trust you now.

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