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Coco’s Love diaries – So now love has finally found you, now what?

August 18, 2012

So you finally find the guy that you’ve been fantasizing about like forever, he crazy about ya and you crazy about him. The romantic phase is now through, shit starts to get real? Do you count your losses and give up or continue?


I have been writing about finding teh perfect guy all the time, I even went through the phase of kissing many frogs, every type of amphibian I think. Out of all of em I found my Prince, he is amazing and we working on building something solid but did we have any idea what we were in for?  We sure are finding that out right now.

Relationships are work, as much as we all dont like the work it is, normally when you love someone you wouldnt even think of it as work cos it would be something that comes 2nd nature to you. Me and my friends for instances have always had this close knit friendship as we stayed together for a while which was a challenge on its own that we overcame. The real challenge of our friendship was when we had to seperate and go for our own individual goals that we wanna achieve.


Times were hard as we were so spoiled with each other being always there for the each other, we had to learn about being independent and how to depend on oneself. The break did us good but we’re also didnt forget that there was a friendship too. Though everyone is dispersed,focused and doing their own thing, our friendship was still important to us, we needed each other and made the effort to make sure that it doesnt die out as we still want it there.


So I am in a relationship right now, Its long distance too and keeping in contact, talking to him became the everyday norm as even though he is far, the conversations we had every somewhat filled the void of him not being here. It gets tough, everyday as we different individuals, relating has become interesting cos you discover alot of things about your partner and yourself.


Does this mean I’ve found the 1? I dont know, Most of the time we get so wrapped up in new love that we dont get to see it for what it really is.  I kind of like that I’m risking the unknown, that I’m not certain that my partner will be there forever or is just another passing phase another lesson that life needs to teach me and etc.


I dont wanna play it safe even when it comes to my heart cos I will miss the beauty of discovering, learning something new that I’ve been missing all the time. Truth is that we all are born with a past and no 1 comes with a clean 1. Be real with it, be honest about it as the saying goes ” the truth will set you free”. Boring cliche but its is so profound and true cos I found that out as time went on and it has freed me from a whole lot of hatred with people that hurt and teh the 1s that hurt me along the way.

Remember that you human, nobody is perfect and this is something you have to keep reminding yourself about when you think of starting any kind of relationship with anybody, there are bound to be personality differences all the time. The trick in getting any progress is how you react to it and the type of action you take to make sure that your concerns are heard and not taken seriously.

We only just about started and I can probably give you a few lessons on to do’s and not. wait for my 2nd note it should contain all of that.


Its Your Homo C




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  1. Can’t wait to read more on this, maybe I will get pointers on how to keep my long distance relationship going strong. Phoe-Phoe.

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